The holy month of Ramadan has arrived with the countless blessings and bounties. This year the holy month is expected to start from Sunday 28th May 2017 which is expected to be 1st of the holy month of Ramadan. Like every year we are blessed with daily Qur’an recitation which is held at the center. Details will be updated soon.

InshaAllah from 15th of the holy Ramadan we have world renowned Shiekh Jihad Ismael to deliver 10 lectures focusing on the need of our community.

We encourage everyone especially the youth to participate in these programs and get maximum benefit from the presence of our visiting scholar. Sponsored Iftar will be offered during specific nights, details will be emailed shortly.



This year we are blessed to support a great number of needy families in the holy month of Ramadan providing them with the provision for the whole month. This has been through your generous support, may Allah increase your taufeeq.

For Full Details of Lectures click here

If you have any question, please feel free to email our admin on feedback@islam.org.nz