Press Release

Islamic Ahlul Bayt Foundation of New Zealand (IAFONZ) is a registered charitable organisation, which provides social, cultural and religious community services to its members and wider community in New Zealand.

IAFONZ is committed to providing a venue for speakers and audiences to become better informed on social and religious matters. We have no censorship rules for live speeches or lectures. All speakers are individually responsible for their statements and opinions. The opinion of speakers in our center does not necessarily reflect opinion of our organization.

Harmonious and cooperative living within the social fabric of wider New Zealand society is one of our major principles. We make every effort to, not only cater for our own community, but also benefit wider New Zealand community. Any speaker who ignores this principle will not be invited again to deliver speech/lecture at our center.


Islamic Ahlul Bayt Foundation of New Zealand

Press Release 31/10/2017