In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return” (Sura 2: 156)

It is one of the rights of a Muslim over another Muslim that he should visit his grave.
-Imam Ja’fer As-Sadiq (A.S.)

Islamic Ahlulbayt Foundation of New Zealand provides the community with comprehensive funeral and burial services. Our facilities and services include:

  • A van to transport the deceased to and from our Centre
  • A fully equipped and functioning Ghusl Room
  • A team of trained and dedicated brothers and sisters to perform ghusl and burial
  • Burial arrangements and services
  • Shia Muslim plots at Manukau Memorial Gardens for the burial of our Marhoomeen
  • Centre facilities available for hire to hold Fateha, Quran Khaani, and Majalis for Marhoomeen. Please click here for more information regarding private events:

Death and Funeral

When a death occurs, please contact one of the following members of our team, who will guide you through the process:

  • Sr. Fazilat +64 21 108 7176
  • Sr. Huma +64 21 226 4546


IAFONZ has 2 burial plots for Shia Muslims available at Manukau Memorial Gardens.

  1. Area F = Fully booked
  2. Shia Muslim Plot Row V & W = Available

WE ARE NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR ROW V & W in the new Shia Muslim Plot we have recently acquired.

All community members are welcome to secure a pre-purchased burial plot, of your choice, for your loved ones.

Please hurry if you are interested to purchase a burial plot as prices are increasing every year in July.

Special current price for IAFONZ: Each plot is NZ $4,133.00

For payment options and selections, please contact:

  • Sr. Fazilat +64 21 108 7176
  • Sr. Sakina +64 21 242 2222