How to Commemorate Moharrum This Year ~ by Sayed Mohammed Almodarresi (Resident Aalim)

Muharram 1442/2020

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Covid-19 Updates

2nd September, 2020 Salaam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters, Please note that Hussainiya will be closed until further notice due to the Government’s restrictions on mass gatherings of up to 10 people. Please also note that there will be no Jummah

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Muharram 1442/2020    

Resident Aalim

Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi is Hussainiya’s Resident Aalim. He was born in Kuwait and grew up across the Middle East, namely, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Coming from a family of respected scholars, Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi is the son

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